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New NORS Fiat Parts for sale (or trade for SIMCA parts)

Received this yesterday - any use to you lot?

>From: "James Conrady" <US.SIMCA.CarClub@domain.elided>
>To: <omicron@domain.elided>
>Subject: New NORS Fiat Parts for sale (or trade for SIMCA parts)
>Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 12:33:34 -0500

>Greetings!  I got your name from the Internet and wondered if you (or any
of your members) were interested in a batch of Fiat parts I have.  I have
head gaskets for 500/110, 600, 600D, and 1100/1200 cars, and a big box of
misc parts for various models (mostly later) that includes gaskets,
bearings, distributor caps, brake parts, etc, etc.  Drop me an e-mail if you
are interested.  The head gaskets I would like to sell individually, but the
misc parts I would like to sell as a package.  I would also entertain the
idea of selling the head gaskets as a package, but there are about 1,000 of
them.  I think the prices are quite reasonable.
>Drop me an e-mail, if interested, at US.SIMCA.CarClub@domain.elided and
I'll give you additional information.  I am contacting others around the
world and all parts are subject to prior sale, so it is advisable to contact
me soon to avoid disappointmant.  Prices do not include shipping, so allow a
little extra for that.  Possible trade for SIMCA parts may be an option if
there are items I am interested in.  Thanks in advance for your time!
>Jim Conrady, Pres. SIMCA Car Club of America 
>P.S.-- I have other accumilations of parts too, for Mercedes, Peugeot
(few), Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni, and Renault, if you happen to know of
anyone who is interested. JC

Omicron Engineering Ltd.,        Tel: ++44 (0)1508 570351
The Long Barn,                   fax: ++44 (0)1508 570795
Norwich,                         e-mail: sales@domain.elided
Norfolk,                         www:
NR14 8JS                          
UK                               spares and restorations on LANCIA 
                                 Aurelia, Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia, Stratos
Current workshop visitors:-
Fulvia:   S1 1.3S, S2 1.3, S3, S1 1.6HF (x3), S2 1.6HF
Flavia:   815 Sport, 815 Vignale, 815 PF Coupe, 2000HF,
Flaminia: Zagato Super Sport(x2), Touring GT
Aurelia:  B20, B24 spyder
Others:   Stratos (x2), Aprilia, 1934 Packard, Ferrari 308GT4, Lotus Esprit 
          TVR Griffith, Fiat Topolino

please contact us for your free catalogue of new parts only
Flavia/2000 36 pages, others 25 pages each

"Omicron has the worlds largest collection of Lancia spares" - Classic Cars

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