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80 Fiat X1/9

In case anyone in the audience is interested, a local repair shop
has an 80 X1/9 for sale. They performed a lot of maintenance work
on the car for a lady who later became injured in an unrelated 
auto accident. The auto shop reportedly purchased the car after getting
stuck with the bill.

I've seen the car and it is very nice but not quite perfect. There is no
rust because the car has been stored inside for the last 8
years. The auto shop reportedly completely went over the brakes and
fuel delivery systems. I'm not interested in the car because I already 
have two Bertones, two spiders, and Lancia and a Yugo (Gosh, I'm really 

Unforntunately the shop was vague on the price. They claim to have over
$3000 in the car and have been trying to sell it for some time. They 
recently offered to me for less than $2500 at which price the car is
probably worthwhile. If anyone is interested, call Bill at (610) 965-8989.
The car is in Eastern PA. 

I have no relationship, fiscally or otherwise, with the shop. I posted this
here only in case a Fiat enthusiast is interested in a nice rust free X1/9

				dave najarian

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