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Re: [ihc] Interesting find

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:38:08 -0500 Ryan Moore <baradium@domain.elided> wrote:
> Does the digest.net home page do anything different from a normal webpage
> that might cause the server to choke on it?  Remember, it was fine as recent
> as a week ago.

> I also notice that I'm still able to send e-mail to digest.net....

you're sending via hotmail, which has a different path to digest.net than
the path from the machine on which you browse the web (that is, in using
hotmail, you're passing your email off to a third party first, before it goes
to the digest, and that third party is in a distinctly different place in the
topology of the network.)

as it happens, it looks like the problem may have been identified and
fixed. my colocation provider upgraded a circuit and a router last week,
and it appears they may have screwed it up. they made a fix about an
hour ago; we'll see if it helps.

i'm sending this directly to ryan as well as through the server as i've noted
that hotmail is having issues and ryan's email is intermittantly being
bounced back.

Richard Welty                                         rwelty@domain.elided
Averill Park Networking                                         518-573-7592
    Java, PHP, PostgreSQL, Unix, Linux, IP Network Engineering, Security

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