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The Binder Bulletin addresses this in the FAQ.  Be warned, that you may
be inspired to switch to a ScoutII steering box and master cylinder at
the same time.  That is why I haven't done this project yet, I can't
stop it from spiraling in my mind.  It than gets too big for a weekend
project and I don't end up starting it. 

I can't seem to get the BB up right now.  

Ed Sohm
Battle Creek, IA 

'71 800 B
'74 200 4X4 Travelette Camper Special
+ a bunch more 

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Good morning to all 
I have a chance to buy two scoutII axles with disc front and drum rear
d44s to 
fit under my 70 800.  Will they bolt in. What steering and brake line
need to be addressed.  If they are to difficult to swap will anyone need
a set 
of axles.  I will call the guy wed. for more info 
Thanks for all the good info and help.

John "Q" Adams
62,64 and 70 80/800

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