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Re: [ihc] transfer case oil

on 3/30/04 5:30 PM, Mac McMuffin at mac@domain.elided wrote:

> i do not believe i am the only one here that uses Mobil-1 15w-50 synthetic
> engine oil in the transfer case and transmission.  somebody here on the
> Digest (i think it was Hoffs) suggested it, and i've been using it ever
> since.  both transmission and transfer case are quieter and run cooler than
> they did with whatever was in them when i got the Scout.
> nickel/grain of salt
> --Mac

Yep, it was I who suggested the Mobil 1, but it was Eldon who pointed us to
the new recommendations calling for motor oil in the TC and manual trannies,
rather than gear oil.

Has to do with the lack of shearing in the trannies and transfer cases.


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