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[ihc] 800 A/C Q's, or 152/196 with A/C?

Does anyone have 800s with Air Conditioning?
Can you give me an idea if it's effective for summer weather in a hot
climate like Tucson where it routinely gets over 100 deg in the summer
months from April through September?
I'm also curious what the possibilities are for adding Air to an 800 that
previously was devoid of Air.  How about A/C on a 152?  If it's a 196, is
it enough poop to run A/C?

How about  you 196 owners out there?  Have you Air Conditioning in the
truck?  Do you notice a big difference in power and economy with the AC on?
What about compared to a v8?  Mileage numbers for each?

Just running some ideas across the board with/for a friend who hasn't yet
posted about it.


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