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RE: [ihc] Another brake (?) question

I'd probably pull the drums off and check the brakes too. My roomate thought the rear end was acting up on my (well now actually his 1110) and it turned out mto be brake problems. Other than that all of my other advice still holds. If the LS type lube doesn;t solve the problem, you need to either rebuild the traclock, replace with and open/lockright, replace with detroit, or replace with a straight open carrier.


Ah, actually it is. When the clutches in a LS bind they can feel like a
dragging brake. Especially when pulling out from a stop and turning at the
same time.

Tom Reed
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Don't really think that this was directed at me, but I'll answer anyway.
Make sure you are using gear lube with a limited slip additive, it will say
on the bottle. Usually when a track lock goes bad, it just won't lock up.
I've neer towed with a LS rear, so I can speak on that. If you continue to
have a problem with the LS gear lube I'd reccomend swapping out to an open
carrier. Unless it is your tow rig, there isn't much use for a locker/LS in
the back anyway....

Dave Nuenke

At 21:31 -0800 11/30/03, Tom Reed wrote:

Hello David,

By any chance does your rear diff have a track-loc in it??? Does it do
it worse when hot??? If so it is likely the LS clutches chattering.
There are additives to prevent this. I solved a similar problem in my
Scout with the Mobil 1 gear oil. I espically noticed the problem when
pulling a trailer up a grade with a lot of switch backs or when pulling
a trailer onto the road from the sholder (similar to you pulling out from a
mail box).
For your use an open diff would probably be best as I'm sure the
 >dragging clutches don't help your gas milage or the wear and tear on parts.
 >Tom Reed



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