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RE: [ihc] IH D60 fronts

At 3:04 PM 11/3/03, Ed Sohm wrote:
>The last truck to roll off the line in '75 has a closed knuckle Dana 70.
>'course it isn't a Travelette and may have been part of a military
>Mike Bolton, are you listening?  Correct me if I am wrong.

Yep, it was a 500 4x4, though. Lots heavier than what a 60F would have gone in.

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>At 1:43 PM 11/3/03, tsm1@domain.elided wrote:
>>I, too, have never heard of, or seen an IH Dana 60 front.
>>I do, however, have a Spicer sheet complete with part numbers for an IH
>>D60 front.  I specifically recall '1975 Camper Special 4x4' being in
>>listings, with an open knuckle disc brake Dana 60.
>It MIGHT have been a 'very near to the end' replacement for the HD 44's
>(with the big knuckles and thick tubes)--but I've sure never seen one,
>either. I guess a late '75 Travellette 3/4 T. 4x4 would be a good place
>look, though---
>>But just because Spicer lists it, and saw fit to publish the service
>>numbers, doesn't mean IH used it.

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