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[ihc] Re: Spam?

on 8/24/03 11:49 PM, joel brodsky at travelall1974@domain.elided wrote:

> It would appear that someone has cracked the mailing
> list to the digest.  I am guessing this by the fact
> that names from which I have received emails
> (supposedly) are people I know only through the
> digest.  So, anyone had this problem?  So far, I've
> got about 125 emails of subjects I don't recognize.
> This ought to be fun when I get back to work to clean
> up my email...
> Anyone else with hypotheses?
> JoelB
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I've been off line for a couple of weeks, but when I got on this morning, I
had about 700 nonsense e-mails. I agree with Joel that some "thing" is using
someone on the digest's address list. But is isn't mine. In the second
place, remember that I'm a Mac man. Doesn't keep me from getting the stupid
e-mail, however. 

John Hofstetter

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